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Company: Rusty's Gold & Treasure Hunting Supply
Address: 5642 E. La Palma Ave, Suite 208
Anaheim Hills, CA 92807
Telephone: (714) 693-GOLD (4653)
Fax: (714) 845-0334
Email: Rusty@rustysgold.com
Website: www.rustysgold.com
Anaheim Hills treasure hunting store
Information about this Anaheim Hills provider

Rusty's Gold & Treasure of Anaheim Hills is a family owned business that is an authorized dealer for Garrett, Fisher and Tesoro metal detectors. We also carry a variety of supplies for the gold prospector, treasure hunter and rockhound.

Rusty is a member of the Gold Prospecting Association of America. He has been an avid treasure hunter for about 35 years, and has enjoyed being able to teach others how to metal detect and pan for gold. With the price of gold over $1,000 an ounce, finding this precious metal is more exciting than ever. If you've always dreamed of finding treasure, come by and see Rusty - he'll set you up and show you how to take part in one of the fastest growing hobbies in America.

Rusty's Gold & Treasure is located in Anaheim Hills, at the corner of La Palma Avenue and Imperial Highway in the Anaheim Hills Village Center.

Anaheim Hills metal detectors and treasure hunting supplies

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Rusty's Gold and Treasure Hunting Supply in Anaheim Hills Prospecting Club Members
Show Your ID Card and Receive 10% Off
Purchases Over $100.

Orange County 49er's Inc.
Prospector's Club of Southern California
Route 66 Gold Miners, Inc.
Valley Prospectors, Inc.
West Coast Prospectors & Treasure Hunters Club
Riverside Treasure Hunters Club
Searcher's Gem & Mineral Society

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